Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy to manage pain, rehabilitate muscles and increase the range of movement. We use a range of electrotherapy equipment to complement our treatments:-

  • Ultrasound – the use of very high-frequency sound waves used mainly for soft tissue injuries and more chronic conditions to promote healing and relieve pain.
  • Interferential – electrical energy passed into the tissues via electrodes on the skin. This increases local blood flow, reduces swelling, stimulates nerves, reduces pain and promotes healing.
  • TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) – uses surface electrodes to stimulate nerve fibres primarily for pain relief.

Conditions which may benefit from electrotherapy treatment, used in conjunction with manual therapy:-

  • Sports injuries – ligament sprains, muscle and tendon strains/tears, swollen joints, haematomas.
  • Strain and over-use injuries – tendinitis, tennis/golfers elbow, repetitive strain injury, Achilles tendinitis. Arthritis – osteoarthritis, rheumatological conditions, spondylitis.

Electrotherapy Physiotherapy Whitstable

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